Monday, May 16, 2005

Saying Goodbye

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Anonymous Babydoll said...

For those of you who have never experiences the emotion of saying good-bye to a loved one who is going into harm's way, you cannot understand how powerful this event was for those attending.
When my brother and a dear friend left for Iraq almost two years ago, I said good-bye but was unable to attend the ceremonies.
Being there with Adam and his family and seeing all those families having to split up, some possibly for the last time, brings the horrible realty of war right up into your face. You can't get away. As much as I love and care for Adam, it was harder for me to bear witness to the fathers saying their good-byes, holding their babies for as long as they could and kissing their wives until they were almost late for formation. They were brave and held it together much better than those of us watching them leave did. And I respect their obligation all the more for it.
I don't recommend attending a deployment ceremony if you are weak of heart. And in the same breath I do. Those men over there are doing the hardest job possible, and seeing the resolve and commitment in their eyes and when they march will bring out every ounce of patriotism you have in you, more than you think you can handle.
Keep up the good work boys, and come home safe. For all our sakes.

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